We are on week 3 of our series publications on gorgeous gowns for your beautiful silhouette.

Every person has a unique taste  and style that they proudly identify with confidently, our purpose is to facilitate the process of you achieving your dream gown in your style to flatter your body.


The style of dress is similar to a sheath dress, but they flare out below the knee, putting more emphasis on the curves above. ‘Fishtails’ tend to have most of the flaring to the back of the dress, but with ‘mermaid’ style it is very evident from the front, too. They are invariably quite figure-hugging!

Mermaid dresses work fabulously for slim but still relatively curvy or hourglass figures. They are particularly well-suited for the hourglass figure, as the style will show off the curves of the body to absolute perfection!

These particular dresses are not as well suited to most of triangle body shapes because it emphasizes the hips and thighs unless the shoulders are to be balanced equally. The curves need to be proportional, and a waist to be noticeably smaller than the hips or shoulders for this style to work as it is intended.

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