A beautiful wedding story is a periodical journey which we all celebrate by hearing of the lovely couple’s joyful experiences before, during and after the wedding day.  It’s a story that tells how their life was incomplete without their significant other, how love caught them unaware, how they couldn’t have done their wedding any better, even if there was a redo including the many activities and tales that form the art of their perfect wedding story.

For any wedding occasion, there’s an endless list of requirements that are needed from various specialist fields to make the event successful in accordance with the bride and groom’s desires. Over time these requirements can be challenging to fulfill. For example, identifying the right elements or services to fit, or those very hard to find small details that are required to complete the “canvas”.

Moments Wedding and Events is here to make it all possible.

It’s our commitment that every bride must look their best. This may include; make-up that makes the eyes brighter, a hairpiece accessory that makes the hair fuller and shinier, products and services that make the skin look smoother and healthier, and your teeth appear whiter. The ideal venue and location, flower arrangements, 5* catering service, and the entertainment. The colorful wear of the bride’s family, the special guest list, and the venue decoration are all considered beautiful accessories for the wedding. These are examples of wedding choices and decisions designed to complement the bride and groom on their special unforgettable celebration.

At Moments Wedding and Events we have gathered the A- List of services from various esteemed professionals and brought it all together under one roof. We are the only bespoke one of a kind provider in the GCC and MENA Region. We are wholly dedicated to making your most important day as lovely and memorable as you have dreamt it.

Typically these processes can be wearisome. Moments Wedding and Events work to ensure the smooth flow of these activities to perfection, from the organization of the wedding event to your personal presentation. Magnificent bridal wear and accessories, etiquette, event procedures and all the small details in between. If only it was this easy for my wedding.

Moments Wedding and Events primary purpose is it to eliminate your wedding woes and to transform your dream into a reality that writes you the perfect story that you can tell your grandchildren. The wedding day that all your friends and guests use as a benchmark for when they choose to wed.

No matter how many weddings we do, they are always very individualistic and unique – tailored to ensure your occasion is personalized to your likings, and represent the special you.

Please reach out to us and we will set your benchmark together. There is no substitute for Moments Wedding and Events to bring your dreams to reality.

The quality of a perfect wedding story is the art we specialize in.

We create your masterpiece, we design your moment.