The exquisitely exciting date has been set for you to join with your partner in matrimony.

It’s the most important day for you and we do know the process can be wearisome but don’t worry; our Moments bridal image consultant will mutually work with you to ensure a smooth flow of activities to perfection.

She will be your buffer for your wedding woes, to advise you on your big day preparations from skin care to hairstyle and makeup recommendations.  She will work with you to select the perfect bridal gown that flatters the silhouette of your body type and ensure that the choice of jewelry and accessories will compliment you and be aligned to the wedding theme and style.

With mutual consultation, you will be guided through all the steps of your wedding and be nurtured by her with services that can be provided for you and your family

She will ensure that you will be simply exuding a flow of grace and elegance on your big day.